Bio-incubator Leuven

Bio-incubator Leuven is the touchstone of bio-technology in the knowledge region of Flanders. It is fully dedicated to biomedical life sciences and offers opportunities for both start-ups and established companies.


The Leuven Bio-Incubator provides a dynamic and stimulating innovative environment in which entrepreneurs and companies in the field of biotechnology can develop their ideas and technologies.


The three Leuven Bio-Incubator buildings each have several modules that offer state of the art laboratory and office facilities. In addition, the highly qualified staff and extensive network of the Leuven Bio-Incubator provide expert support and advice.


KU Leuven (University of Leuven) and the Leuven University Hospitals provide Leuven with a vast tradition in knowledge creation. KU Leuven is ranked among the twenty most renowned European academic research centres.